Shadowrun Underground

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You are among the elite few who serve as criminal mercenaries, assassins and collectors for the mighty mega-corps, governments and hidden factions of the 6th world.

Maybe you’re a Combat Mage who can call upon the elemental powers of magic or maybe you’re a Street Samurai with cybernetically enhanced reflexes and implanted body armor that can bounce a 9-mil.

Maybe you run the Matrix like a ghost, taking what you want from the computer networks of the enhanced world. Or maybe you are specialist with skills that are worth thousands of nuyen when you are at the right place at the right time.

But it won’t matter. In the shadows nobody lasts long. Retirement is for wage-slaves. You’ll go down with in a blaze of glory with a gun in one hand and a credstick in the other.

Welcome to the shadows chummer, and good luck.

Campaign Issues

Your a Company Man, or your nobody.. The corporations are getting more and more powerful and their strength is coming out of the board rooms and onto the streets. Who can stand up to them?

The Runners

Alan – James Noir – Rien
Brian – Karl MacIntosh – Truck
Chris – Benjamin Antonelli – Maze
Shane – Dimitri Ivanov – Eclipse
Jason – Unknown
J. – Unknown

Shadowrun Underground

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